Friday, June 30, 2006

Ride all your troubles away

I always enjoy taking a ride especially when I have something on my mind that is bothering me, I can get on the back of the motorcycle and it all seems to disappear. All the worries go out the window so to speak. To me this is therapy, when you are on a motorcycle there is nothing but you, the wind, the road, nature, and who you are with.

The other day was one of those days that we just needed to get on the motorcycle and take a ride. We took one of our favorite rides around where we live in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. It is so beautiful where we live and we are so lucky to have such nice places to ride. We start our trip through some winding roads with a lot of mountains and cool breezes through the trees. In the pictures you can see that there are many trees that is almost like going through a tunnel of trees. You appreciate so much more on the motorcycle than in a car. You see a lot more than in a car.... like wild flowers, flowing streams, the cool breeze, the freedom. That is what I feel like on the bike, FREE. Free of all troubles and free to enjoy life and nature. Next Picture is of Baby Bear in the side car enjoying the ride. We always say he has the best seat. *VBS*

On this particular ride we always stop at this little Church which I really like. I wonder how old it is and how many people have been saved in this small church. I think about how nice and down-to-earth these people probably are. Just good ole country folks singing old hyms and good old preaching.

We always stop here and relax at the picnic shelter they have, as you can see here Papa Bear and Baby Bear relaxing there. While we were visiting there a little mama cat came to visit us. We enjoyed some doughnuts and just sit and talked and then Baby Bear found a ball and shot some hoops as you can see in the picture.

There are more favorite things we do on this ride that I will post too. I couldn't get all the pictures on this one post.

So..... this is just the beginning of our journey on our little country ride. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Adopted Baby

Sugar has taken on another baby to add to her other 4 babies. This kitten is one of the kittens that we found in our building. This kitty was ill and needed some special attention so Sugar took over and is nursing her now. She seems to be doing better now since Sugar took it upon herself to let this little one nurse. Sugar's other kitties are doing good, they are growing and getting fatter everyday. She is such a good mother, she is so content and just purrs when she nurses her babies. All of our kitties are fine, the wild one's are now tame. We are entertained everyday now, they are so funny. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 26, 2006

Football practice

A couple of weeks ago, or maybe less than a week ago, we had the pleasure of a visit from Brother Bear. Here are pictures of Brother Bear and Baby Bear and coach and other players at football practice and the bottom one is of Brother Bear, Grandma, Papa Bear and Grandpa Jimmy. Grandma and Grandpa Jimmy came by to visit with us since we never see Brother Bear too often. Much to our suprise, Brother Bear had called us a couple of nights before and asked us to take him to school to register for classes. Since we have went to the technical college before, he wanted us to go along for some advise. Imagine that, ADVISE! *VBS*

We were so proud to do this for Brother Bear and he is now enrolled in Technical College for cosmetology. He must get that from me because that was my first choice, cosmetology,.... when I met Papa Bear. But I chose to get married and have a family and then later went to school to be a medical transcriptionist, which I loved. Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, including carpal tunnel, I am not able to do that anymore, or much of anything... which makes it very hard since I was used to working and doing yard work and such. It is hard to get used to not being able to do these things now.

Anyway, back to Brother Bear.... We just wanted to say that Brother Bear we are proud of you and we love you very much. Brother Bear has been through some very hard trials in his teen life and has decided, I HOPE, that he needs to get started with his life. This has been my prayer for so long. I just hope he goes through with it! This has been one of his dreams, to be a cosmetologist and do tattoos on the side. He wants to work while he goes to school but I am not sure if he will be able to handle both. If he goes to school I will be happy and we will be there for moral support all we can.

Friday night we went to our friend's house for Baby Bear's friend's birthday party, Matthew turned 11. So we had a really nice time visiting with them.

Sunday was nice also. We went to church and heard some good preaching from our brother-in-law Glenn and was greeted by so many nice people there. This is a small church and everyone is so down-to-earth and I liked that about this church. Glenn and Sandie are very very nice people and we feel fortunate to have them in our family. Something that I really was happy about is when we came out Baby Bear said that he was glad we came to church and he felt better about himself. I always have a good feeling when I go to church also. I don't go as much as I should because I am not that comfortable around a group of people, nothing against the people, it is just me.... I wish I would go more though.

After church we came home and got ready for a motorcycle ride with Grandma and Grandpa Jimmy and had a nice visit with them. Grandma even drove her bike! She did a great job and Papa Bear said she was showing off because she went 55 mph. *VBS* She took Papa Bear for a short ride in the parking lot too. So we had a very good day yesterday also.

Thank you to all who stops by and leaves such nice comments, it is appreciated. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome Oreo!!!

As I posted in mylast post we had some new additions over the weekend of 3 stray kitties. We think God sent them to us because of our loss of our other 2 cats.

This kitty here is Oreo. He was brought to us by Brother Bear the other night because he knew how upset we were over the loss of our 2 cats. Shady Baby was also his cat that he named. So he was pretty upset too that someone would do such a thing.

Anyway, we got Oreo and he is a sweet little thing. We are really enjoying him a lot. He is very curious and into everything. He is so playful and will follow you everywhere. He fell asleep in my purse the other day. It was so cute.

This is just what we needed after the loss of our 2 cats and we are so thankful for Oreo and the other little kitties. Before you know we will have a whole slew of cats around here including the litter of Sugar and then our other female Wolfe is expecting. Not sure if we will keep them all or what but Oreo is definitely a keeper!!!!

As you can see we love cats. *VBS* Posted by Picasa

God works in so many ways!

Much to our delight we have been greeted with three little strays that someone must haved dropped off at our home. So now we have some more little kitties! We are thrilled since the loss of our other two cats. Not very good pictures because they are so scared of us. They are getting a little used to us by coming out to eat and drink and they are so fun to watch play.
what is so funny is the gray and white one looks identical to Smokey Bear, the cat that is missing!!! So, of course, he is going to be named Smokey Jr. And then the calico as you can see in the picture. There is also another long haired calico one who is very timid I tried to get a picture but it is sort of funny. I tried to post it but I think I deleted it. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

Well, I tried to post earlier tonight but I am not sure it took. Anyway, I did a meme that I was tagged for by Alipurr. The 7 meme's.

I have also been tagged by Paige at cracked nuts ( I am not sure if I did this right) s0 now I am doing another meme of the 10 simple pleasures, not in any particular order.

  1. Seing my kids happy.
  2. Seeing my husband happy and being able to get around.
  3. Doing family vacations, going to new places.
  4. Having cook-outs with family and friends.
  5. Motorcycle riding.
  6. Talking with my husband.
  7. Enjoying nature and seeing what beautiful things God has created.
  8. A good song.
  9. Friends.
  10. My sweet little kitties and my dog Rusty.

I could go on and on with this.....

Mama Bear's 7 meme's

I have never been tagged before to do a meme but I have been tagged by Alipurr to do the 7 meme's.

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Let my family know how much I love them.
2. Watch my boys grow up and be successful at what they do and have families of their own.
3. Grow old with my husband and let him know each day how much I appreciate him and love him.
4. Lose some weight! *VBS*
5. Go on a long long trip around the world.
6. Fly in an airplane.
7. Get in touch with friends I haven't seen in years.

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Go on a trip to everywhere I would like to travel.
2. Buy anything I want.
3. Try to tell Brother Bear what he should do *VBS*.
4. Quit worrying about everything.
5. Lose weight!
6. Be with my kids 24/7.
7. Be mad at my husband for very long.

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. His smile and handsome looks.
2. His touch.
3. The way he pampers me when I am hurting or sick or does things for me when I need help.
4. How he calls me "sweet thing"
5. How caring and thoughtful he can be.
6. For not being fake just being who he is and not putting on a show.
7. For being there through all the heartaches and trials in our lives.

I could list more about my husband but will stop at 7.

Seven books I love:
1. Love stories.
2. Little House in the Big Woods.
I am not a big reader so I will stop at that.

Seven movies I'd watch over and over again:
1. Dances with Wolves.
2. Dirty Dancing.
3. City by the Sea.
4. Fried Green Tomatoes.
5. Driving Ms Daisy.
6. Forest Gump.
7. Coal Miner's Daughter.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank you to all

I would like to say a sincere thank you to all who expressed their sympathy towards our Shady Baby. It was much appreciated. Papa Bear made Shady a nice tombstone yesterday and we planted a flower beside his little grave.

Our other cat Smokie hasn't came back either. We are devastated that we will no longer get to enjoy them. They always brought joy to us. I sure do miss Shady's talking everytime I walked out the door and when I visited the other side of the pond I could always count of Shady to be right there beside me wanting to be petted and rubbed down while he talked to me. I miss little sweet Smokie's sweet little meow that he gave every morning from top of the roof which was his favorite place to sit.

I agree with you guys that a cat will not attempt to go near a body of water and that it was intentionally done. I fear now what will happen next to our other cats. If these people could do that what else are they capable of? Only a sick low-down person would do such a thing. These pets of ours didn't deserve this they were sweet innocent cats.

My question to the one's of you who left a comment is : What do you do about a neighbor who does such terrible things? I really would like some advice.

Thank you very much

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In Loving Memory of Our Shady Baby

Today started out a joyous occassion and ended on a very sad note. We came home from Baby Bear's football practice and were going to go to the garden to check on our tomato plants when we found our dear Shady Baby floating in the middle of our pond dead. He was such a precious cat. We called him Shady Baby because he was literally a baby. He was so sweet and loved to take in any kitten that came in and even though he was a male cat would let the kittens nurse him. All the other cats loved him and I know they will miss him. They were all crying tonight, that is what is left of our cats. Another cat, Smokie, seems to be missing also. We have already had another one of our cats leave (we are quite certain dead or taken away) about 8 months ago and now poor little Shady is gone. We can't for the life of us figure out what is happening to our cats but kind of have an ideal. They are male cats but never seem to roam very far from us and it seems that someone must have it out for us or our sweet cats because they seem to keep disappearing on us whenever we are gone. This time it was pretty certain that something bad happened to Shady because he was in the middle of the pond. I can't understand if someone is doing this why they would want to harm an innocent pet of someone's.
After we discovered the body, Papa Bear got him out of the pond and brought him up to clean him off and see if there were any marks on him but there were none that he could find. Then Papa Bear tried to dig a grave but with his back problems and the fact that he was so upset was unable to do it so Brother Bear dug the grave for us. We will be making a tombstone for his grave this week. I am sure Papa Bear will do this tomorrow.

We are so upset about this and hopefully the other one missing, Smokie, will come back to us tonight. We haven't seen him today and he never showed up to eat when I fed them tonight. We will surely miss Shady Baby because he was such a talker and would always follow us everywhere we went outside. When we would go to the other side of the garden he would follow and roll over wanting to be petted and talked to, and he in turn would talk to us. He was one of the three that we raised inside one winter and what kept us sane during that winter. We really had grown attached to these three kitties. Their mommy left us and we raised them ourselves. They were like our babies. Now we are not certain if we have any of the three left since Smokie is not around. The other cats were so upset tonight. So this post is a tribute to our Dear Shady Baby we will miss him terribly.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

True Friends

AIP did a post of our day we spent together yesterday and I have to say, a very good post. I think she just about said it all but I wanted to add some pictures I took just before my camera batteries went dead. I really need to make sure I keep my batteries up so I don't miss out on any pictures or get me an extra set. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Sandy and Jimmy because my batteries went dead before they got there! Thank goodness AIP is always there to take some pictures for me! And very good pictures too. I cannot say enough how much we appreciated everyone's help yesterday with the rock pile since we are not able to do much physical work anymore. We are very very fortunate for such good friends like Donna and Randy and good family like Sandy and Jimmy. They are always willing to lend a helping hand when we are in need. Not many people these days would take the time to lend a helping hand when someone needs it and we are so greatful for them. I don't know how we can ever repay them for their help. The only way I know is to be there when they need us. We had such a good time with the good food and swimming for the kids and fishing. I know Baby Bear was glad they came to help so he wouldn't have to do the rocks by himself! And we love the rock wall!


The first picture is Donna, Randy, Baby Bear and his best friend Matthew picking up rocks.
The second picture is Emmy Matthew and Baby Bear swimming in the pool.
The third is Papa Bear, he seems to have found a pretty rock. And last picture is Randy building rock wall.

Thanks you guys for your help, We love you! Posted by Picasa

Proud Mama

Sugar had 4 sweet little babies. She is such a good mama too! Aren't they sweet? This was her first litter.

Also I wanted to thank you all for you nice comments. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Mama

We didn't have to wait long to find out about how long it takes for a cat to be a mama. Sugar just had her first kitten 15 minutes ago! She has been running around here tonight talking to everyone. She finally went to Papa Bear and her water broke and she started having contractions. So she is with Papa Bear now having her little babies. The first one was black and white.

So, looks like Papa Bear will be up for a while tonight delivering babies.

Thank you AIP for the information on the duration of cat's pregnancies.

Wildlife Happenings at our place

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors lately and here is some of the things we have encountered this week. First is one of our hummingbird feeders we put up and we love watching these sweet little birds it is a past time we really enjoy.

Below is a picture of our pond I took today that has fish nests. If you look closely you can see the holes they have made to lay their eggs. I have never seen this before and it was very interesting to me. Papa Bear said the blue gill lay their eggs in these nests that they build and the males come and fertilize the eggs.
This is sugar our little pregnant cat. She is so miserable. I am not sure when she will deliver, I thought it was after 6 weeks but it seems as if she has been pregnant longer than that. I know she will be glad to deliver. *VBS*
This is another thing we encountered today while Papa Bear was cleaning out a fire pit. A mother mouse and her babies. We moved them and let them go and hopefully they won't escape into the house! *VBS*

Also, the other day I heard this odd noise and looked everywhere and finally noticed this squirel up in a tree chattering excitedly. He jumped from tree to tree chattering. Papa Bear said he was upset and letting the cats know he could see them. I had never heard them chatter like this.

So needless to say, we have encountered a lot of different things out side this week. Probably more to come.

I finally got a call from Brother Bear too which I haven't heard from in a while. He seemed to be doing okay. I miss him so much and it was sure nice to hear his voice.

We have been doing the usual routines of going to football on Tuesday nights and By ScoutsThursday nights so we stay pretty busy with those. We are looking forward to our camp out next month with Boy Scouts. We are also very excited for AIP and her new Trike. Can't wait to go along on a ride with her and Jimmy! Posted by Picasa