Sunday, July 30, 2006

Five things

I got tagged by my MIL Sandy (Abandoned in Pasadena) for a meme. So here it is.......

Five things in my freezer:
Chicken breasts

Five things in my closet:
Model airplanes

Five things in my car:
Insurance for car.
Registration for car.

Five things in my purse:

Five things in my wallet:
Dollar bill
Bank card
Insurance cards
Library card

If they read this I will tag the following five people:
Cracked nuts
Tomas Muse

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pets like fishing too!

As I said in my last post I wanted to post some more pictures that I had taken of our fishing days. Here is Papa Bear, Baby Bear and our dog Rusty. Rusty loves when we fish he gets so excited everytime you reel in your line whether you caught one or not. He loves it when you do.

Here is a picture of little Oreo he loves when we fish too. :) The fish was about as big as he was but he didn't mind he was still curious.
And the last picture is of a picture of a dragonfly. I tried so many times to get a picture of them. There were so many that day around the pond. I finally got one perched on this weed. They were so colorful and pretty.

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Quite the fisherman!

The past couple of days Baby Bear has decided he wanted to get his fishing merit badge for boy scouts. So..... he decided to fish Saturday. The last time he fished he didn't like it too well I think because he didn't catch anything. Saturday and Sunday were a different story. He is starting to like it! The first day he caught 7 and Papa Bear caught 4. Then Papa Bear taught him how to clean a fish and gut it. Baby Bear wasn't too kean on gutting the fish at first but then it didn't seem to bother him much. Papa Bear made him a filleting knife out of bamboo and is learning how to fillet fish. So they both are learning new things. Saturday as you can see in the picture above Baby Bear caught 15 fish! He was so excited. I caught 2 that day. :) After a couple of hours Baby Bear was done fishing and then came back out later to do some fishing and he caught all of these fish in about 3 hours total. Then they cleaned them and I guess I will cooking them before long.
We had a great couple of days just hanging out here and fishing and Papa Bear has been whittling on a walking stick for me. I can't see what he has written on it yet because it is a surprise. :) Papa Bear has taken up whittling since our boy scout adventure camping. He is getting pretty good at it. He wants to ask his mom to come out sometime and give him some tips though because he says she is great at it and he would like a few pointers from her. So I guess he will be calling on her pretty soon. AIP I know you are probably reading this so be expecting a call. :)
As you can see in the pictures of all the fish catching and Papa Bear helping Baby Bear learn how to take a fish off a hook. I have a few more pictures also I wanted to post of our days fishing. And that is what we have been doing the past couple of days. Relaxing and enjoying the summer. In order to get the fishing merit badge Baby Bear has to catch 2 fish, identify them, take it off the hook, clean it, and cook and eat the fish. So far he has accomplished all of this except for the cooking and eating which he will get that done soon I am sure. Of course now he doesn't mind fishing at all! :)

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 4th 2006

Although July 4th has long since past I never got a chance to post my pictures that I had taken for that day and night. As you can see, Papa Bear, Baby Bear and I all had a hand in trying to capture the best fireworks. We had fun trying anyway. The day began with going to a park in Berea where a church group had provided a 4th of July celebration with FREE food, drinks, cotton candy, snow cones, singing, games, etc... I was amazed at how much this church had done. It was great and we enjoyed it. We ended the time at the park having the last bite of cotton candy.

We then went to Sandy and Jimmy's house for a visit and then out to eat at Sonics, and then to watch the fireworks. We were glad they decided to join us and enjoy the fireworks display. We all had a great time and as always enjoy the fireworks.
Last year Brother Bear got to join us and they had a carnival there at the fireworks and him and Baby Bear rode a few rides. But this year Brother Bear couldnt be with us. We sure did miss his company. Maybe next year Brother Bear! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Camp McKee Boy Scout Camp

After a long week of boy scouts it is great to be home. Everyone was excited to go home because it seemed to be a long week. We all had a good time though. It started out with 6 boys and our leader and Papa Bear and I. We left on Sunday and came home Friday night. Tuesday we had two boys go home. They were not happy with the bugs and other things of camping I think, and missed home. You can check out some great pictures and post about this trip from Sandy (Abandoned in Pasadena)'s blog site. She tells it very good with some details that I would have probably forgotten. Thank you Sandy for posting this and the great pictures. I only have 3 since I didn't take my digital camera until later and then never got the chance to use it. I took pictures on a disposable camera because I was afraid I would damage my digital since I would be gone for a whole week camping. We had some rain but wasn't bad at all. It kept it fairly cool enough to tolerate. I can't imagine if we had to go this week! It is so so hot here this week.... so I am glad it rained. It mostly drizzled. Baby and his friend Matthew were two of the boy scouts who went on this camp. Papa Bear and I went as volunteers.... and Papa Bear is an assistant scoutmaster. Baby Bear accomplished alot in this week and earned a lot of merit badges in archery, rifle, first aide, Baden Powel Program, leatherwork, and Art. He made some moccasins and a coin purse and did some drawing for his art project. As Sandy said in her post he hit 5 bulleyes for his archery to pass.. and also in rifle he got some bullseyes. He also made an arrow and had to describe the parts of an arrow and his bow.

They did a skit for their last night there which everyone enjoyed, we had a campfire one night and a boy there caught a fish and for his merit badge he had to clean it and cook it and eat it so he did. They were so amazed with the cooked fish that they all wanted to try it. You would think they had never seen cooked fish before. LOL

Matthew was petrified of the bugs so we had to tie up his and Baby Bear's tent to satisfy him and he also sprayed Off but repellent on him and around his cot. That seemed to satisfy him. We were fed every meal except for Wednesday night which we ordered out pizza. I felt like I was in school being served on trays. LOL

Besides the boys being scared of the bugs and getting blisters on their feet and being worn to a frazzle, they are all excited and had a good time and can't wait to go next year!

The pictures are of Baby Bear and Papa Bear working on his moccasins and then another one of them working on his project and Matthew observing.
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Address Change for us

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a new number, today in the mail we got a new address.. which is good because we have had to share a number with our neighbors and end up getting their mail all the time. It seems that they changed it for the 911 thing. So it will be nice to have our own number. THE NEW NUMBER IS 694 for those of you out there who need it.
The only thing I hate is I will have to call all the bill places, friends, etc.. and let them know and do an address change at the post office. But oh well, we got our OWN number now.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gifts from my husband

What a talented husband I have. I took these pictures a while ago of some things my husband has made me recently over the years. The lighthouse being the latest. I love lighthouses and seen these at the store one day but they were way too expensive. For Christmas one year this is what I got from Papa Bear. Below is windchimes which was a present I received for a birthday. They sound so nice too when the wind blows.
Papa Bear is very talented in all kinds of things. I honestly can say that I haven't seen much that he can't do. He is the jack of all trades. I remember when we were first married we couldnt afford a mechanic so he went to the library and checked out a Chilton's manual on our car and fixed it himself. Since then if there is anything that needs to be done he will figure it out or study up on it and just does it. He amazes me with all of his talent. One thing I wish I hda taken a picture of is a todem pole he made me one year for my birthday. We had been to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee and I liked the Todem Poles. Well.. when we came home that year for my birthday I received a todem pole, and much nicer than the ones I had seen in Pigeon Forge. He is great at landscaping and all kinds of things. If he gets an ideal you can bet he is going to do his best to do it. So thank you Papa Bear for all of your nice gifts and for saving us so much money in what you do. I love you very much.
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Update on Oreo

Oreo is doing much better. He is now eating and drinking on his own. He still sleeps a lot more than he usually does and is still a little weak but doing SO MUCH Better.

As for the other little kitties.... Little Smokey is feeling under the weather with a fever and just laying around and the long-haired calico kitty is feeling a little under the weather. The other calico is just fine. They all seem to be eating now and drinking so that is good.

Thank you for sincere concern and for those of you who helped or tried to help me I want you to know that I really appreciate it. It means so much to know someone cares and is willing to go that extra mile to help you when you need it. It is nice to know that there are some cat lovers out there too.

So.... so far the kitties seem to be doing better every day.

A BIG Thank you to everyone.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I am desperate and have already gone to AIP's blog site to see if anyone can help me because I really don't get that many readers. I have a very sick little bitty kitten. My Oreo is very sick with a fever and chilling. He won't get up to eat or drink. He is very tired. I read on the internet to give them Pedialyte 2 tsp every 2 hours but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it. He feels very hot and his heart is beating so fast.

I really don't want to lose another cat so if anyone can help me, maybe you have been in the same situation and the vet suggested something or you know of something, PLEASE LET ME KNOW... We all would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

Mama Bear

Cool Spring Water!

Here is a picture of Baby Bear enjoying the cool spring water coming from the hose. This is what he likes to do when we stop for spring water on a hot summer day.
Here are some pictures of someone's pond that we always ride past on our favorite ride. I tried to take some decent pictures of it. It has so many features. We really enjoy looking at this and all the things that they have. It is amazing. They used to have goats grazing the hill in the back but now they don't have them. This is so beautiful to see in person, the pictures don't really do it justice. Posted by Picasa

Summer Pleasures

Here is the picture of Baby Bear shooting hoops at the church I posted in my last post. I guess I thought it posted and it didn't.

Here is the spring where we get our spring water. When we take this drive we always stop here. We love the spring water it is so refreshing and cool. You can see the spring if you look closely coming out of the mountain stream and then they pipe it to there where you can get the water out with a hose for FREE. If you want to have it already bottled they sell in it in the stores bottled. It is called Climax. Posted by Picasa