Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Month of August

August is a busy month for us with my birthday the 5th and then Baby Bear started school on the 9th and our anniversary was the 12th among other things that have been going on. These two first pictures are of my birthday cookout. Our friends Randy and Donna came over and their kids and Sandy and Jimmy also. Below is a picture of Sandy and Jimmy breaking green beans that Donna and Randy had brought us from their garden. Nothing do them but to do this for us I told them they didn't have to but they did anyway so I was greatful for that. WE had a good time with fishing in the pond, and the kids swam and then we cooked out steaks and baked potatoes along with a salad. After than we all came inside and enjoyed ice cream and cake and sat and talked. I have to say it is one of my birthdays that I will always remember.

Our anniversary was the 12th, we have been married 24 years! I can't beleive that time has passed that fast! I still love Papa Bear as much or even more than I did the day I married him. We didn't do much but later than night we went with our friends to the county fair, the kids had a blast.

Baby Bear started school the 9th and seems to be doing good. The last picture below is of his first day of Middle school which is all new to us. I have been dreading it but it has went very well so far. He is already making A's on all of his tests! He likes his teachers too. He started off in football but decided it was too much for him this year with a new school and all so he decided to hold off on that this year.

Brother Bear also has moved back home and we are glad to have him back. He started work at Wendy's last week as you can see from Sandy's blog. VBS She can get away with taking pictures of him especially at work. I.... on the other hand, couldn't have gotten away with this so I want to thank her taking the pictures. They were great!
This past weekend we had a boy scout get together at our place where the kids all fished and the adults and Sandy and Jimmy also came over to enjoy the cookout we had later. Brother Bear even got off work early and got to enjoy the cookout. We had a lot of great food and conversation. They also caught lots of fish which they put in Baby Bear's swimming pool since he will not be using it anymore this year so Papa Bear could clean them later. Baby Bear wasn't too thrilled with this ideal but Papa Bear was not up to cleaning them at the time.

I just wanted to get caught up on the happenings that have been going on at our place so I can look back and be reminded of what I did this year in August.

We have really been busy this month and having a good time.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My very dear friends

I have been pretty busy this month and have not had the chance to post pictures of this busy time for me and my family. So I thought I would start with some birthday pictures I had taken of my friends.
These pictures were taken on my birthday at Boone Tavern where my friends took me for my birthday for dinner. I used to work with these two ladies in a small room together for many years and we all did medical transcription for a large doctor's office. Working in such small quarters which we finally upgraded to a large room which we got to decorate ourselves we became pretty close and after all these years we still keep in touch. They are very dear to me. It is so nice to have such nice friends. We enjoyed an evening at Boone Tavern and then sat out on the front porch in rocking chairs catching up.

Thanks friends for such a lovely evening.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two Peas in a Pod

Although I try to keep them out of my flowers they just can't help themselves. I found these two little ones very content to sleep in this flower pot.

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