Thursday, November 30, 2006

Papa Bear's Bowls

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. Just been busy and not feeling up to blogging. Papa Bear has pretty busy here lately and I wanted to post these pictures that Sandy took of Papa Bear's new hobby. He has started making bowls with a wood lathe that I had bought him for Christmas years and years ago. He decided to put it to use and decided to try his skill at bowl making. He just amazes me! It didn't take him long at all to catch on and they are beautiful bowls. Now he is trying to make some for Christmas gifts and try sell some to help us with money for Christmas. I have more pictures that I will post later. The first picture is of Papa Bear starting the bowl on the wood lathe. Second is a group of bowls that he has made, third is one bowl, and the last picture is of some of the bowls on Sandy's coffee table. He has some others made that he has not finished yet. Can't wait to see how they turn out. There are some he has made out of Walnut and Cherry. We made a trip to Cynthiana and visited our old church and the preacher there cuts trees for a living so he gave him some Cherry wood and Walnut. Papa Bear was just thrilled with it. He also used in the other bowls spalted (sp?) Maple, Ash, Hickory (my favorite), and I am not sure what else all I know they are beautiful. There are different sizes and designs on each one. They are just unique and one of a kind, each one is special.

He also made a lighthouse for me which I am sure he will be making more of. (I will post a picture later of mine). Thanks everyone for stopping by.

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